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🌍What is - 💸Performance Marketing

✉️ Email Marketing

a company that provides internet access to customers or subscribers. ISPs typically provide a range of internet connection options, such as broadband, DSL, cable, and satellite, which allow customers to connect to the internet using a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

ISPs are responsible for maintaining the physical infrastructure, such as cables, routers, and servers, that allow internet traffic to flow between different devices and networks. They also typically provide additional services such as email hosting, domain name registration, and virtual private network (VPN) services.

ISPs may operate on a regional, national, or international level, and may be either public or private companies.


A video view of 2 seconds or more


A video view of 2 seconds or more or a swipe up on the ad. and in terms of view time only, it doesn't include the swipe ups.


Success status response code indicates that the request has succeeded.
That mean the Page is working properly


Redirects the web browser to a different location and passes all page authority from the previous page to the new page. It also tells browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location, and includes the address to which the resource has been moved.
301 is also an HTTP status code which signifies that the web page a user is trying to reach has been permanently changed to another page.


Redirects the web browser to a different location but does not pass any page authority. It's also considered as a method of redirecting a visitor from one page to another web page, used for temporary situations only. For permanent redirects, instead use a 301.
302 is also an HTTP status code which indicates that the web page a user is trying to reach has been temporarily moved.


The error message that appears when a visitor tries to go to a web page that does not exist or when a resource does not exist it turns this error code. 404 is also an HTTP status code which signifies that the web page a user is looking for could not be found on the website’s server.


A response (status code) indicates that the server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

💡Marketing 101
🎯Digital Marketing
🌍What is

Generally speaking A/B Testing means If you want to improve your marketing efforts, A/B testing may come in handy. This is the process of comparing two variations of the same variable to find out which one performs best.

This type of testing is used in

  • Email Marketing (changes in the subject line or copy),
  • Ads (Running and comparing two variations of an ad at the same time to measure performance to identify the most effective version),
  • Measures two social media posts against each other to see which performs best
  • Calls-To-Action (changes in color and wording), and landing pages (changes in content).
    An example of A/B testing would be to see which tasted better on a sandwich: American cheese or cheddar cheese!

It's also known as "split test", The most common way of using A/B tests is to only change one element of the post between the two versions so that you know any difference in performance is because of that change.

💡Marketing 101

In website terms, 'above the fold' is the type of content that a website visitor sees before scrolling down on a specific page It's useful being aware of this type of content when you are creating landing pages for inbound marketing. A call-to-action that first pops up after a lot of scrolling may decrease the efficiency of your campaigns. It's all of the information that is viewable on a web page prior to scrolling.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

Search Absolute Top Impression Rate is the percent of your impressions that are shown as the very first ad above the organic search results.

Use this metric to see whether changes in performance are due to changes in your ads' location.

For example, if out of 100 impressions, an ad has 10 impressions in which it appears as the first ad above the organic search results, the absolute top of page rate will be 10%.


A framework for building web pages that is used to provide an easier, faster mobile experience. in other words, It's Lightweight pages that load instantly for mobile devices.

💸Performance Marketing

Grouping of all your specific ads activity. Your ad account includes different campaigns, ads and billing information.

💸Performance Marketing

A type of audience specifically on Pinterest that is similar in behavior to an existing audience. This is commonly referred to as a “Lookalike” audience on other social channels.


The number of actions taken on your ad, Page, app or event after your ad was served to someone, Actions include Page likes, app installs, conversions, event responses, and more
For example, 2 Page likes and 2 comments would be counted as 4 actions.

💡Marketing 101
💸Performance Marketing

marketing activity that moves customers to the next stage; in performance marketing, growth marketing, demand generation and sales, this typically means a short-term sales cycle

💸Performance Marketing

The method used to decide the cost and placement of digital advertising on certain ad networks. A new ad auction occurs each time an ad is placed on an ad network.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

This column shows the number of ad changes, such as adding or deleting an ad, that have been made during your selected date range.

How it works: Click the number to see each change displayed in your change history.

Good to know: Changes made yesterday are displayed after 10am (PST) today.

💸Performance Marketing

The market for digital advertising space, run via computerized auctions that bring together both parties (advertisers and publishers) of the transaction.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

Additional information that can be included in paid search ads. Often used to provide more detail and improve a user’s interaction with an advertisement. It's a Google Ads feature that shows additional information in your top placed ads such as,

location and phone number
site links to pages deeper in your website
call outs
structured snippets
app downloads,
and click-to-call.

It's Ad extensions help advertisers create richer, more informative ads that take up more on-page real estate, which generally lead to higher Click Through Rates.

👽 Cognitive Biases

tries to defend or attack an argument based on an extreme or outrageous version of factual circumstances that is plainly unrealistic.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

Determines which ad formats can be in an ad group.

What it is: An ad group is a collection of ads that all have the same format/theme, for example, text (standard) or Shopping ads.

Keep in mind: To run both in-stream and video discovery ads in Google Ads video campaigns, you’ll need to create 2 different ad groups.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

A grouping of websites or digital properties (like apps) where ads can appear. and it can also be a group of websites that have ad inventory for advertisers to purchase.

For example, Google has 2 ad networks: the search network (text ads that appear in search results) and the display network (image ads that appear on millions of websites that have partnered with Google) and Facebook Audience Network.

💸Performance Marketing

A place for advertisers to create advertising campaigns and select where to show their ads from the available inventory. Google & Facebook are two of the largest ad platforms

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

Google’s method for determining each ad’s position on a search engine results page. The advertiser with the highest ad rank will be placed in the top position followed by the ad with the second highest ad rank and so forth. Ad Rank is calculated based on the bid received, Quality Score and ad assets (formerly extensions), for each ad eligible to appear.

The rank of an ad in a given auction compared to other ads in that auction used to determine the ad’s position. Ad rank may be different in each auction