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🌍What is - 💸Performance Marketing

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🌍What is

is a search ranking score from 1 to 100, used to measure the SEO weight a specific web page carries in the eyes of a search engine indicating how good your webpage is. It is calculated by the quantity of links to an individual page, the quality of those links, and the quantity and quality of those links.

🌍What is

Page Views represent all the visitors of your website recorded each time a visitor views a page on a website. Each reload of the webpage by the same visitor counts as a new page view.
The page view is a single request to load a page on the internet. In the context of empowered marketer, page views is a metric by which businesses can measure how popular any given page is. Making changes to a page, then seeing how the page view count has changed is one way to determine whether any changes that your business is making is making an impact.


Any content you pay to promote. This is often referred to as sponsored content.
Here are some examples of the different paid media:

  • Social media advertising
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Video ads
  • Pop-ups
  • Display ads
🌍What is

A negative action against a website brought by a search engine for ignoring or intentionally violating policies or best practices.It is an infraction issued by Google, to a webmaster, for breaking Google’s guidelines. The penalty is issued by Google through Search Console, and can result in a sites’ removal from search engine results. The issues that caused the penalty will need to be fixed before the penalty is lifted, and once the penalty is lifted it may still take some time to return to previous rank in Google search results. Penalty may also refer to an “algorithmic penalty” which is actually a misnomer; a website may be doing poorly in search results because of an issue that Google’s algorithm has found in the site. This however is not really a “penalty” but a ranking problem. For there to be a true penalty, there would have to be a manual action from Google, as denoted by the message sent to the webmaster in Search Console.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We sometimes overestimate the likelihood of bad outcomes.

🌍What is

A 1 x 1 pixel graphic that tracks various events on a webpage. It's an invisible image file placed on a website that is used to pass information, such as a cookie, to a server. Pixels can be used to determine touchpoints with a brand across different platforms.
Tracking pixels help inform advertisers on their site engagement by providing insight into where users are coming from (i.e. an organic or paid search, referral website, social ad), how users engage once on the site (i.e. time on site, bounce rate, if they add to cart or purchase) and build targeting audiences based on site engagement.
Also pixel can defined as a small unit of measurement of an image, with thousands of individual pixels forming what the eye sees as one smooth image.

👽 Cognitive Biases

If we believe a treatment will work, it often will have a small physiological effect.

💭Behavioral Economics

a strategy of deliberately ensuring that the current version of a given product will become out of date or useless within a known time period

it's (also called built-in obsolescence or premature obsolescence) is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life or a purposely frail design, so that it becomes obsolete after a certain pre-determined period of time upon which it decrementally functions or suddenly ceases to function, or might be perceived as unfashionable.

The rationale behind this strategy is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases (referred to as "shortening the replacement cycle"). It is the deliberate shortening of a lifespan of a product to force people to purchase functional replacements.

🌍What is

Position Zero is used in search engine optimization to describe the featured (and desired) snippet of text that shows up in search right before the search results
It's another name for a featured snippet. So named because it shows up above the first traditional, organic result on the SERP.

maximum size for all data in a post, including text, images, and other media

💸Performance Marketing
⚡Google Ads

An online digital advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their advertisements.This is typically associated with a traffic objective, as it makes the most sense for advertisers to pay based on clicks when their primary goal is to increase visits to a website or landing page.
The PPC model is commonly associated with search engine and social media advertising like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
The model Paid Search uses for the amount an advertiser owes a Search Engine for each click on a paid ad.
The PPC model is auction based and advertisers bid on the keywords they want their ads to show for in the search auction.
Once an advertiser wins the auction, their ad shows within the search results.
Once a user clicks on that ad, the advertiser must pay the bid price of that keyword’s ad.
A Pay-Per-Click is a marketing term used to describe the amount spent to receive a click on one of your digital advertisements.
There are two models by which PPC is generally paid for, but the idea is that every time the advertiser generates a click for your company, you pay them a certain amount.
The first model by which people pay for PPC ads, is the flat rate model. In this model, the advertiser and the publisher agree on a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. If you are sure that you will receive a decent amount of traffic, it is better to go with this approach.
The second model is a bid-based model, where the advertiser competes against other advertisers in a network. Each advertiser will appear in a certain spot and will “bid” a maximum amount of money that it is willing to pay. After that maximum is reached, their ad will disappear. This model is appropriate for those company’s that have a smaller amount of traffic, because it will be cheaper in the long run.

A private blog network (PBN) is a network of authoritative websites that are used to build backlinks for a single website. It’s a list of unrelated sites all linking to one central domain to pass link equity to it and improve its’ rankings.

How Are Private Blogging Networks Made?
A PBN begins with someone buying lots of old domains that have high authority in the search engines. Then, they start creating content on those sites while linking to their main website.
That gives the central site lots of quality backlinks. And just like that, they get to boost their SERP ranking for the main domain and get higher traffic on it.

Are Private Blog Networks Illegal?
To give you a short answer: Yes.
PBNs are against Google’s guidelines. Websites that get caught practicing this often end up losing all their rankings in the SERPs.
Google will manually penalise any website that’s part of a PBN and cause it to vanish from top results.
While this used to be a popular method that marketing experts were proud to share, it’s no longer efficient. The SEO community now regards it as a black hat technique that you should avoid like the plague.

💸Performance Marketing
🌍What is

An automated bidding method used to purchase display ad inventory for a specific audience.
It's an automated way of buying advertising space via algorithm-based technology to get the most accurate ad placement in the fastest time at the best price. Programmatic advertising is sold via ad exchanges.
Often called real-time bidding (RTB).

🚀 Startup

A framework to cut a company in pieces and shows you where to focus your attention. The funnel is developed by Dave McClure and called the Pirate Funnel because the first letters spell out AAARRR for Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue.


A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of websites, typically created for the purpose of manipulating search engine rankings. A PBN is made up of multiple websites, usually with similar or related content, and all of which link back to a single "money" site that the owner is attempting to rank higher in search engine results. PBNs typically consist of expired or deleted domains that still have existing backlinks pointing to them.
PBNs are considered a form of black hat SEO, as they violate search engine guidelines by attempting to manipulate search results through link schemes. If a PBN is detected by search engines, the owner's website can be penalized or even banned from search results altogether.


A term used to describe a user's behavior when they quickly navigate back and forth between search engine results and the clicked results in an attempt to find the most relevant search result. This behavior indicates that the user is unsatisfied with the clicked result and is trying to find a better match.

Pogo-sticking can have negative consequences for search engine rankings because it signals to search engines that the clicked result did not satisfy the user's search intent. This can result in lower rankings for the clicked result and potentially for the entire website.

👽 Cognitive Biases

People tend to believe that big events must have big causes. For example, in a study, when participants were told about a plane crash, they were more likely to think it was a terrorist attack if all the passengers had died, rather than some of them surviving. Similarly, when we want to roll a high number while playing a game with dice, we might shake the dice harder before rolling, hoping it will increase our chances of getting a higher number.