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JavaScript is a scripting / programming language that helps to create a website.
Javascript is used on web browsers to provide interactive elements to web pages that are difficult or impossible to achieve with just HTML or CSS.
it goes hand in hand with HTML and CSS to create an engaging and beautiful website. JS is the functionality piece to the puzzle — JavaScript is what determines the dynamic behavior of your website. All pop-ups, password creation, forms, navigation bars, etc. are controlled by JS. Having an interactive website will keep visitors engaged with your content. Make sure you know how to use all three coding languages when creating a website to make sure it is the best it can possibly be!

It also known as A programming language used to create interactive or dynamic elements on a web page.
It allows website administrators to apply various effects or changes to the content of their website as users browse it. Search engines often have difficulty reading content that is inside of Javascript, but they are getting better at it over time.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We tend to believe the world is just; therefore, we assume acts of injustice are deserved.