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👽 Cognitive Biases

We believe more people agree with us than is actually the case.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We mistake imagination for real memories.

👽 Cognitive Biases

the tendency for individuals to prefer what is familiar and to seek to avoid the unknown.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We easily attribute our personalities to vague statements, even if they can apply to a wide range of people.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We often draw different conclusions from the same information depending on how it’s presented.

💡Marketing 101
💸Performance Marketing

The number of times a user sees an ad over a set period of time.

It’s calculated by dividing total ad impressions by total ad reach. Frequency over 1.00 means at least some users saw your ad multiple times. This may be positive if your goal is to raise brand awareness and ad recall, but if your frequency is very high you may be wasting your budget and advertising too many times to each user.

In another word, average frequency is the average
number of times each user is shown
an ad during the campaign's duration. user sometimes typically require multiple exposure opportunities to an advertiser’s content before they convert.

💸Performance Marketing
⚡Google Ads

A feature that allows advertisers to place a limit on the number of times an ad is shown to a user.

👽 Cognitive Biases

We judge others on their personality or fundamental character, but we judge ourselves on the situation.

⚡Google Ads
💸Performance Marketing

A first-price auction is a type of auction in which the highest bidder wins the item for sale and pays the amount of their bid. In a first-price auction, bidders do not know the bids of other participants, and each bid is a sealed bid. The highest bid wins the auction and the winner pays the amount of the bid. It is different from the second-price auction ( Vickrey auction) where the winner pays the second highest bid.
Google announced on October 7, 2021 that it will transition to a first-price auction for certain AdSense products such as AdSense for Content, AdSense for Video, and AdSense for Games, which was completed on November 17, 2021, AdSense for Search and AdSense for Shopping will not be affected by this change.


A feature snippet, also known as a "position zero" or "answer box", is a type of search result that displays a brief summary of information at the top of the search results page in response to a user's search query. This summary is often displayed in a box and provides a quick answer to the user's question.
The content is typically displayed in a way that is easy to read and includes images, tables, or other types of visual aids.